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Technologies Offered:

Light Microscopy

  • Confocal microscopy (scanning and spinning-disk)
  • Two-photon microscopy
  • Wide-field fluorescence microscopy
  • Digital deconvolution
  • Transmitted-light imaging (phase, DIC, histology)
  • High-content screening (Confocal and Wide-field)
  • Super-resolution imaging (STORM, STED, SIM and AiryScan)
  • Cell surface imaging with <100 nM z-resolution (TIRF)
  • Specialized microscopy (FRAP, FRET, FCS, FLIP...)
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

Highly Multiplexed Imaging (up to 50 biomarkers)

  • Akoya CODEX system

Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Bruker BioScope Resolve

Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy (biological)

  • Chemical and cryo-fixation/freeze substitution processing
  • High-Pressure Freezing (w/ opto and electric stimulation)
  • Immuno-EM
  • Correlative LM to EM: CELM
  • Negative staining
  • Ultramicrotomy, cryo and plastic
  • Electron tomography (plastic sections)

Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Variable pressure/environmental
  • High resolution FE-SEM
  • Immuno-SEM
  • Array tomography SEM, CLEM

Bioimage analysis

  • Develop image analysis workflow for specific project (ImageJ, Python)
  • Provide software for image analysis, processing, and deconvolution (Imaris, Volocity, SVI Huygens, SoftWoRx. Microvolution)


The Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF) is a Beckman Center supported university service center that provides high resolution, state-of-the-art light and electron microscopy technologies for imaging and analyzing the molecular and structural organization of cells, tissue and bioengineered materials.  The CSIF operates two sites at Stanford University: The SOM Beckman Center CSIF and the SOE Shriram Center CSIF.  Both facility sites are open to all members of the Stanford community as well as to external academic and industry researchers (with approval of the facility Director).



What's the SCOPE? Imaging Seminar Series is held every other month and features talks from scientists in the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility as well as guest speakers. The series’ topics focus is on in-depth presentation of new and existing advanced imaging technologies available in the CSIF.

The Cell Sciences Imaging Facility's next seminar series will feature Light Sheet Microscopy:

Jon Mulholland, Director CSIF: Overview of CSIF resources

Andrew Olson, Director NMS: Light Sheet Microscopy

Youngbin Lim, CSIF Staff Scientist: Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 17 @ 3pm (networking reception to follow)

Location: Beckman Center, Munzer Auditorium

The second seminar in our series begins with a brief overview of imaging technologies available in the facility, followed by an in-depth presentation of 2 different approaches to light sheet microscopy and their applications. Dr. Olson will present the Ultrascope II (La Vision, inc.) light sheet microscope. Dr. Lim will present the LLSM-V2 (3i, inc.) lattice light sheet microscope.

The seminar series is open and free to the Stanford community.

Learn more and register: LINK