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CSIF: What's the SCOPE? BioImage Processing and Analysis

The Cell Sciences Imaging Facility's next seminar series will feature BioImage Processing and Analysis:

Cedric Espenel, CSIF Staff Scientist

Date/Time: Thursday, February 27 @ 3pm (networking reception (food and drinks!) to follow)

Location: Beckman Center, Munzer Auditorium

The Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF), a Beckman Service Center, aims to illustrate how bioimage analysis methods can answer defined biological questions.

Imaging technologies are improving rapidly and the ability to routinely acquire large multi-dimensional datasets is revolutionizing biomedical research. In order to fully extract and derive biological meaning from the vast quantity of information that is potentially available in these datasets, automated analysis pipelines are needed, but many life scientists lack the necessary expertise to design and execute such analyses.

The key objectives of the seminar are:

  •     Briefly introduce biomedical researchers to bioimage analysis
  •     Inform about the possibilities that image analysis can bring to their research
  •     Showcase some of the analysis pipelines that were developed at CSIF
  •     Establish links between life science researchers and image analysis experts

The seminar series is open and free to the Stanford community.

Learn more and register: LINK

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 10:45