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Access for non-Stanford, external users

Access for non-Stanford, external users:

  1. All external users must first contact the CSIF Director, Jon Mulholland to discuss project feasibility and approval.
  2. Upon approval, user requests iLabs Solutions account for accessing the CSIF iLabs website (website link
  3. External users that will need access and have a working presence in the CSIF (will operate microscopes or equipment, prep samples, etc.) must download and complete this form and then email it to CSIF Facility Manager, Kitty Lee : Academic External User access PDF form,   Non-academic External User access PDF form
  4. External users requesting services only and will NOT have a working presence in the CSIF (CSIF will do all sample prep and imaging) must download and complete this form then email it to CSIF Facility Manager, Kitty Lee : Academic External User service PDF form,    Non-academic External User service PDF form
  5. An official company or institution purchase order, made out to Cell Sciences Imaging Facility, must be emailed to before any actual work is started or access granted. Once the user's iLab Solutions account is setup and paperwork completed (form 3 or 4 above), an estimate of cost can be generated with rates listed in ilabs(EM work may need additional assistance from EM Manager). This cost, plus indirect charges (see below), with an additional 10% padding buffer (will not be billed unless there is usage overage), can be used for generating an official company or institution PO.  PO must clearly state your company's financial contact info, the CSIF name and its address: 279 Campus Dr W, Beckman B050, Stanford, CA 94305-5301.



  • ilabs Solutions' CSIF website will show pricing for user type. This pricing does NOT include Stanford's "Facilities and Administration" (indirects) charges. Therefore for POs from external users please add 57.7% (FY 9/1/2020 -08/31/2021)(will be 57.4% FY9/21-8/22) to the fees shown in iLabs Solutions web site for generating a PO. These "Facilities and Administration" charges are added during the invoicing process and will be shown as a separate line item on your invoice from Stanford's Accounts Receivables.
  • CSIF does not allow external users to do live BSL2 work in the CSIF. BSL2 organisms must be made non-biohazardous by chemically fixing (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde treatment) or other appropriate, approved method, before being allowed in the facility and must be preapproved and documented by the director.
  • External users without an iLabs Solution account can view CSIF's iLabs external sites here: SOM Beckman Center CSIF  /  SOE Shriram Center CSIF
  • W9
  • Invoicing is sent from Stanford's Sponsored Receivables Management group.  
    482 Galvez Street
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA  94305
    General Questions:
    Phone:  (650)725-0086 
  • Payment remit to address (this will be on the invoice):
    Stanford University 
    Dept 35150, PO Box 39000, San Francisco CA 94139