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Access to the CSIF Server

Note that SOE users are assigned SOE NAS space.  Depending on where you saved your data you should either used the path to Taltos3 server: \\\home$\sunetid or SOE shared space: \\\csif-lab\sunetid

  • To ftp into CSIF Taltos3 server:
  1. Go to any explorer/browser window and change the address bar to ftp:\\ and hit Enter or ftp:\\\csif-lab.
  2. It should prompt you for your sunetid and password, use win\sunetid and sunetpassword to get through
  3. You should see your files in window.
  • To use windows to connect to CSIF Taltos3 server (and map the network drive):
  1. Right click on “My computer” and choose “Map network drive”
  2. Choose a drive letter (ie: T: )
  3. For Folder: field, type in \\\home$\sunetid or \\\csif-lab\sunetid.
  4. Check the box for “Connect using different credentials”
  5. At the prompt, use “” and your sunetpassword, check “Remember my credentials” then hit ok
  6. T: drive should now be connected to your account on the server.

*data can be accessed without mapping a drive as well. Simply type in \\\home$\sunetid in address bar of the explorer window and answer the prompts as above.

*same done in cmd prompt: net use t: \\\home$\sunetid /savecred /persistent:yes and user win\sunetid for login and sunetpassword

  • To use mac to mount CSIF Taltos3 server folder
  1. From pull down menus in the Finder/desktop window, find the “Connect to server…” option
  2. Type in smb://$ or smb://
  3. At the prompt, use “win\sunetid” and your sunetpassword
  4. Taltos3 folder should be mounted and you should see it on your desktop as well, go to your directory to access your files.
  • To use linux to mount the CSIF Taltos3 server folder
  1. you need to have mount permission (su first if needed)
  2. create a mount point (mkdir /tdrive in this example)
  3. mount –t cifs //$/sunetid /tdrive –o username=win/sunetid,sec=ntlmssp,file_mode=0700,dir_mode=0700
  4. /tdrive should now be mounted to your directory on